social media

“I hear a lot about social media but I don’t really know what it covers?”       A lot of people are unclear about this. Social media is the term for websites or apps that allow you to view and share information with other people. So examples of social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Whatsapp etc.

“Do I need social media?”       

Many people feel that it is now vital to have social media accounts if you want to promote yourself online. In truth, it’s completely up to you and your industry.  It can really help to bring people to your website if you believe your customers use social media. 

“Do I have to keep posting regularly to my social media?”

This really depends on whether you want to get customers through your social media accounts. If you just want social media as a way for people to get in touch, then no, you don’t need to update regularly.

“Can you manage my social media accounts for me?”

We’d be very happy to set up the accounts for you and to connect them to your website so that if you have a blog, any new blog posts will also go to your social media accounts. We can also set your website up so that visitors can post your website to their social media.

Jammin Web Design - Social Media Share

*example of a how a social media share might look