what we do

We specialise in small, beautiful and functional websites. Our clients tend to be smaller companies with a smaller budget and a need for web presence. But we build sites that range from the simpler ‘This is who we are, this is what we do and contact us here’ to sites that having shopping and credit card payments connected.

We’ll start with a discussion about what you need your website for, what you want to show your customers and ask you to show us websites you like so we can get an idea of your needs.

Then we’ll ask you to write up the content for your pages and send us any photos/diagrams/logos you want included on the site.

For there, we’ll get on with building the website and discussing with you as we go along.

We’ll make sure that it works on computers and mobiles, that it follows the basic rules for SEO and we’ll make sure it gets submitted to the search engines such as Google and Bing.

For a small website with a few pages ( just a bit smaller than this one for example), we expect to charge around £300. There are extras you can choose to have or not and there will be fees for any support that you need afterwards. 


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