contact form

“Sounds very formal. What’s a contact form?”

A Contact Form is actually a really vital part of your website. It’s how your customers are going to get in touch with you. 

In particular,  if you offer a service, you are likely to want your customers to be in touch and, for the most part, your whole website will guide people to this page.

“Won’t I get loads of spamSpam refers to unwanted and unsolicited email which is sent to you, often automatically?”

In short, if your form is unprotected then yes! So it’s vital that your form has what’s called a Captcha. This is that box you are probably familiar ticking that says “I’m not a robot”. We can create and set this up for you.

“What if I want to ask people for specific information like a date of birth or a second phone number?”

No problem at all. A contact form can have any number of [/tooltip text="A field is a box on a form that I type stuff into"]fields[/tooltip] that you would like included.

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