“So what exactly is a blog?”      Some people call it a newsletter, some call it ‘updates’ or ‘diary’. A blog is essentially a way of adding new information to your website for your customers to read. It’s a great way to get people to come back, to share any new offers or new information you have learned. And even better when you tie in with your social media.

“I heard blogs are a lot of work and quite techincal?”

A blog is as much work as you choose for it to be but there are some distinct advantages to having one. Search enginesA Search Engine is a website used for searching for other websites. Google and Bing are search engines. absolutely love websites that have fresh content regularly.

“Why should I care what search engines think?”

Well if the search engines see that your site is regularly updated then they want to get that new information in front of people and they push your site up the rankingsA search engine ranking is how close you are to the top of the search engine results. If you are the first one on the page then your ranking is number 1. Sites that are never updated slide further and further down the rankings.

“Isn’t it very time-consuming.”

It’s up to you how often you update your blog. If you start out hoping to write something new every day it might be overwhelming. Maybe once a month to begin with and all you need is about 300 words and a nice picture.

“Will I have to pay you to update it?”

That’s entirely up to you. We can train you to do it yourself as it’s really straightforward, or we can do it for you when you send over what you want to post.

“Do I really need one?”

Absolutely not. It’s a great way to get news out to customers (especially if you tie it in to a mailing list). But that might not be what you need for your business.

(On the right is an example of a blog post from my own website)

Jammin Web Design - Blog Example