map / directions

“I know what a map is, but why do I need one on a web site?”      In short, you don’t need one if you don’t want one. But customers find them really handy and it’s much easier than explaining by email! And importantly Google loves it for SEO

“Where do you get the map from?”

We embed a Google map on your website, usually on the same page as your contact form. This way it’s always up to date and your visitors can zoom in and out or view in different modes.

“A map is ok but people often ask for directions.”

We can easily link your map or have a link on your page that takes people straight to Google maps so they can navigate to you from their current location.

It’s definitely easier than “…so when you get to the parked red car (sometimes its a blue Micra though), not the next left, but take the one after. If you get to the petrol station you’ve gone too far.”

“My business is purely online” – “I don’t want people knowing where I live!”

Then you don’t need a map and don’t let anyone tell you that you do! 🙂

Jammin Web Design - Map example

an example of a blog post from one of our customers’ web site.